I still like to play with Legos. I'm currently a Creative Director at Facebook.

Facebook Latino Leadership Day
Beatty Holiday Blowout
Design Recruiting "Thank you" Cards
Pablo Picaso quote
Women@ Facebook
Word mark design
Tretorn custom kicks
Facebook Blueprint
Creative Direction for the Facebook Blueprint rebrand and hands-on UI design.
Facebook Business
Creative direction on Facebook's redesign of the flagship site for B2B marketing.
Facebook Hackathon 56: Camp Hackathona
Connect ATX
ATX mobile recruiting
Branding work for Facebook's mobile recruiting unicorns in the great state of Texas.
Facebook Ads Manager for Excel
Simtek Branding
Branding and identity work for the Simtek safe monitoring device.
Facebook Awards
Creative Direction for the 7th Annual Facebook Awards
Fixathon Yacht Party
Facebook Hackathon 55
Facebook Hackathon 54
2016 Facebook Holiday Fixathon
Facebook's first week-long fixathon event aimed at improving code quality across our family of apps and services.
Elegant Tools
Branding for Facebook Business Design speaker series on crafting elegant enterprise design.
Illustrations & CommD
Good old fashioned, hand-crafted communications design work
Always be OPEN
Facebook campus signage
Multi-product immersive ads
Concept for multi-sponsored Instagram posts that allow users to zoom and tap in multiple areas of the photo to purchase products directly from the UI.
Collection of sketches from my dot grid book
PTO promos
Graffiti lettering
Photo app UI
UI concept for a photography app
Patty Arvielo Q&A
Shepard Fairey inspired event poster for and upcoming Q&A with this awesome woman.
Facebook interview candidate experience
End-to-end UI design for Facebook's interview tablet companion experience
2016 Hackamonth Fair
CommD and icon design work for internal Facebook recruiting event
Spotify UI refresh and branding update
Various UI things
Hack 53: Freedom to Hack
Hack 53 design assets
Worth Coffee Roasters
Branding and design work for Fremont, California based coffee roasters.
Facebook Hack 52: Space Camp
Hackathon design callateral
Facebook Hack 51
Poster design explorations for Facebook's 51st hackathon event.
Facebook Hackathon 50
Branding work for Facebook's 50th Hackathon event.
Hack 49
Gold rush themed hackathon commD collateral.
Hack 47
My first Facebook Hackathon poster and schwag design.
University Hackathon rebrand
Logo design work for the Facebook University Hackathon team.
Boston Summer 2016 Hackathon
Facebook opted to honor the Summer games with a hackathon in Boston. Engineers enjoyed a Rio-accented happy hour, coded amidst Olympics decor and were awarded custom medals once everything came to an end.
Saint Frank Coffee
Coffee inspired designs for friends at Saint Frank Coffee based out of San Francisco, CA
HACK monogram cypher
Crest design for the Secret Society of Bay Area Hackers
Logos and wordmarks
Various recent logo work
Harlow 2016
Annual "H" design for my baby girl, Harlow Cruz De La Rocha
Outlier Coffee
Brand guide for Outlier Coffee based in San Jose, CA
Logos v1 (COPY)
Instagram Pokeball
During my 2016 paternity leave, I set out to honor some of my favorite apps and pastimes by way of icons that I could turn into stickers to share with friends. This was the first of a 6 part series.
Facebook Design Seattle
Patch design for the Facebook Seattle design crew.
Yahoo Ad Products
Contributions to the advertising product ecosystem at Yahoo as their Head of Design.
Yahoo Cold Brew coffee
Label design for Yahoo in-house cold-brew coffee
SXSW 2016
Branding and space design for Facebook & Instagram's 2016 SXSW design happy hour
Watch UI
Android 4 feature UI framework
Business Cards
Playing card illustrations honoring Facebook's Business Design leadership.
Let's go Broncos
Denver Broncos sports pennant
Art/Creative direction
Various projects I've helped other people execute on
Data Vizualization
Data visualization design work
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