Spotify Design
Case Study: Spotify Ads Ways of Working
Branding & Identity work
Design Ethics Northstar
Academic Coffee
Worth Coffee Roasters
Pablo Picaso quote
Tretorn custom kicks
Illustrations & CommD
Intuit Design
Spatial Design: Corporate and Home Art Vibes
Spotify Ads Accessibility Northstar
30 Covers, 30 Days
Sister Roots Identity System
Tune-Up Tonics
Creative Director - Facebook Art Department
Next Insurance
Latino Community Summit
Creative Director - Facebook Business
Identity & UI - AskMarsci
5ยข59 Identity
Prototype - Multi-product immersive ads
Conversational Ads
Graphic Design - Facebook AI Design System
Denver Water PipeFix Project
Academic Coffee canned beverages
Studio X
Yahoo Ad Products
Creative Director - Facebook Blueprint
Gator Nation
Hack Council
Facebook interview candidate experience
Wordmark Design - Women@ Facebook
Saint Frank Coffee
La Flor
Beyond the Cocktail
Creative Director - Common Ground
Inaugural B*8 Hardware Hackathon
Oculus Voice
Latinos in Tech
Facebook Awards
Simtek Branding
Always be OPEN
Elegant Tools
Diversity + Inclusion
2018 Camp Hack-A-Thona
50th Anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey
Facebook SNKRHDS
Thank your friends
Outlier Coffee
Photo app UI
Facebook Hackathon 58
Facebook Latino Leadership Day
Design Recruiting "Thank you" Cards
Facebook Hackathon 56: Camp Hackathona
Connect ATX
ATX mobile recruiting
Facebook Ads Manager for Excel
Fixathon Yacht Party
Facebook Hackathon 55
Beatty Holiday Blowout
Facebook Hackathon 54
SXSW 2016
2016 Facebook Holiday Fixathon
PTO promos
Patty Arvielo Q&A
2016 Hackamonth Fair
Hack 53: Freedom to Hack
HACK monogram cypher
Graffiti lettering
Logos collection 1
Watch UI
Facebook Hack 52: Space Camp
Facebook Hack 51
Facebook Hackathon 50
Hack 49
Hack 47
University Hackathon rebrand
Boston Summer 2016 Hackathon
Spotify UI refresh and branding update
Harlow 2016
Instagram Pokeball
Facebook Design Seattle
Yahoo Cold Brew coffee
Business Cards
Let's go Broncos
Data Vizualization
Queue UI
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