Old school pennants made with felt using minimalistic illustrations and colors have appealed to me as long as I can remember. Their craft and simplicity exude a sort of grass roots support for all athletic levels -- from high school all the way up to the pros.

With good momentum going into the post season in 2015, I decided to show some Mile High support by designing a personal rendition of the Denver Broncos mascot on a classic orange and blue pennant. I made about 20 of these with the help from friends at Oxford Pennants and shipped most of them back home to Denver for the friends and family to show their support. I like to think this passion project had a little bit to do with my beloved Broncos making their way to Super Bowl 50 in my new hometown of Santa Clara, California.

The mascot design was inspired by the evolution of Denver’s 3 primary helmet logos. From the bucking bronco (left) that first appeared in 1962, to the classic mark I grew up with (center), to the latest, Nike designed logo with sleek lines and modern aesthetic; I wanted to show my fandom by honoring the history of my home team.

Spawn of the Silicon valley hackers
Shortly after the Bronco pennant project, I shifted my focus to crafting a
vintage sports pennant for people closer to work: The Silicon Valley
Hackers. This isn’t a sports team but does represent the best and
brightest “hackers” at Facebook. I’ll distribute these pennents to winners
of our internal Hackathon events in 2016 but I am also taking this
campaign to the streets. I’ve partnered with a number of frequented
sports bar close to our Menlo Park headquarters where these will be
prominently displayed amongst other sports pennants giving the not so
sporty engineering folks a team they too can proudly drink to.

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